The Earth has a serious carbon problem that's

getting worse, and it's caused by us humans. 

                                                                       If you're an Interested Bystander, knowing                                                                                    something should be done, but not sure what,                                                                              read this book to understand the difference you                                                                          can make and the urgency of taking action now!




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Train Wreck Earth—the settled science of climate change taught in the classroom you only dreamed of by two clear-talking professors whose private lives are dedicated to the climate change fight in the most unexpected way.  This special class includes original class lectures by Dr. Michael Mann and Bill McKibben, Dr. Robert Howarth, Dr. George Woodwell, Dr. Mark Jacobson, Tim DeChristopher and Danna Smith, JD.


Learn the physics and chemistry of climate change in the compelling and painless setting of conversational teaching with generous discussions, debates and examples.  Learn  the reasons why Congress is so recalcitrant, refusing to do the right thing and buck the source of so much of their individual funding in the most egregious legal vote-buying scheme in history.


Solving this crisis is still possible, but only with your help. 




          "I make the point that we look back with revulsion at the CEOs of the tobacco companies and they got up and all testified that there was no impact when their own internal research showed that there was. They lied. There is no other word for it, and those lies were responsible for millions of deaths. The denial of climate change will probably be responsible for an order of magnitude larger number of deaths. It is more subtle; it is more difficult to take that tally, but when you look at the numbers and when you make some reasonable assumptions, far more people will have died by the denial by the fossil fuel industry of climate change than died from smoking tobacco products. So, denial has a direct toll which can be measured in not just economic cause, but in human lives.”                                                                           M. Mann interview by authors, State College, PA, August 1, 2016

            When Michael made those statements, everything stopped for a moment as this reality soaked in. Ian’s frustration level with a broken system in Congress rose to the boiling stage. Nigel took the opportunity to move the conversation to mitigation. . . .

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