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Arctic Gardens--Voices from an Abundant Land


Published in 2010.  Go to to purchase.


Meet the people most affected by petroleum development and climate change in North America. Anthropologist Harvard Ayers, CEO Dave Harman, and college professor Landon Pennington interviewed 100 Native people - Indians, Eskimos, and Inuvialuit - and other residents of the Arctic region of Canada and Alaska from the Mackenzie Delta in the east to the Chukchi Sea on the west. These Gwitch'in, Inupiat, and Inuvialuit, as well as transplants from the South, share the stories of their lives and their hopes for the future of the region. Arctic Gardens also includes a discussion of climate change in the Arctic and beyond for scientists and nonscientists alike. The gardens referred to in the title are the land and sea where these Arctic people harvest their food, the caribou, whales, and fish to name a few. Tending the garden is protecting the habitat of these mammals and fish, which these Native people have successfully done for thousands of years.






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